Vlad Rudenko • 7 months ago

Due to problems in the potency decided to buy the drug. At first thought to buy cheaper analogues Viagra, but after reading on the internet their side effects dramatically changed his mind. The drug is in truth helped, stood like a horse) Price fully justifies quality, no complaints.

Tom Karajan • 7 months ago

When the problems started in the sexual life everything was as boring and at first I was against medication, but eventually decided to order in Moscow. Now there is no problem, and even no side effects. And everything was back to normal.

Natalia Oleinik • 8 months ago

our relationship with her husband went into decline and by the end I decided to try it, even though I am opposed to different medications, but life is made. Now do not often use, but with great pleasure. Also, many thanks for the fast delivery in Rostov!

Jury Consultant • 8 months ago

Hello, happy to answer your questions!

Artem Filippov • 8 months ago

This is a good means to increase potency .. operates much more efficiently than regular Viagra: enhances the sensitivity increases pleasure, improves libido and sex. Specifically, for the quality of the gel viagra vouch personally, because drug tested for my body.

Elena Prushinsky • 9 months ago

The perfect solution to the problem, it is convenient, efficient, and most importantly – will not harm! And it is not expensive at all, comparing with the prices in the country now and all. So I think no one will regret, and comments made sure not bad, and very positive, which once again confirms the effectiveness)

Milan Shevchenko • 10 months ago

My husband sometimes have problems with potency. Long thought to order or not, and how he would react. But still bought and have not regretted!) My husband and responded normally without any hard feelings, and our sex life improved at times))) By the way the price and quality of the drug I was very pleased!))

Olga Kalenova • a year ago

My husband and I delighted with this gel. We really liked it. Much more convenient than pills. And as the experience with tablets – is rapidly absorbed. The effect is stunning. All her friends advise, I am very happy!

Alexander Samara • a year ago

I’m sure that one of the best ways to improve your sex life the effect is stunning tried again and now I use Viagra pills are awesome too try and see for yourself, I recommend not pozheleete, and the price is pleasantly surprising for Moscow bought use and I am glad that it has bought the gel, and to look at the package I’m sure there are fakes

Dr Mario  •  Today

I would like to share their experiences Fildena really got rattled after the first couple of times I could not get an erection. My nerves will not help matters. I started at 50 mg doses, but I tend to get a headache, so I tried to double the dose. Excellent! No side effects and a lot of confidence only when I do not need the most. I always Fildena, but recently I tried a universal brand, and it worked as well. It was also a lot cheaper, so I think I’m on the right things here!