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Over time, some people with normal efficacy of sildenafil content (100 mg) may be reduced. Specially designed for them Super Fildena 160. These tablets contain red high (120 mg) content of Sildenafil. Action HardOn Xtra Power is similar to the original Fildena.
Use of the drug

Super Fildena 120 operates reliably and longer, but should not be used HardOn Xtra Power permanently. The drug is recommended to use 40 minutes before sexual intercourse. During the day you can drink 2 times half a tablet. Excess doses of sildenafil 120 can cause unpleasant side effects. When taking Fildena Super can not be used any alcohol or fatty foods. This is the strongest generic Super Fildena. Its action is continued up to 6 hours. An erection occurs only through sexual contact.
The principle of action of the drug

The operating principle of Fildena Super 120 in improving blood circulation in the penis. The active ingredient sildenafil dilates the blood vessels and causes the body member to increase blood flow. Thus, we achieve a stable erection. Increased levels of sildenafil does effect longer.

Super Fildena – is a branded drug that helps men cope with problems in intimate sphere. But before you use it, you have to read the instructions containing important information on the drug. Each of the tablets includes a pair of main substances:

– Sildenafil citrate (100 mg), it occurs due to relaxation of the muscles of the penis and there begins to flow more blood, which contributes to prolonged erection;

– Dapoxetine (60 mg), slows down the process of ejaculation and thus blocks premature ejaculation.

Buy Super Fildena possible in our online store, but before you do it, you should consult with your doctor. This unique product will help increase the duration of sexual intercourse and to bring sex life to a whole new level.

Taking the drug must be on the recommendation of a physician. If you miss a pill, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you took a double dose, it may be a side effect.

How should I store the medication? Away from children, where not exposed to the sun’s rays at room temperature.

Under what conditions is not recommended to take the drug?

– If you have diabetes;

– Heart problems, as well as problems with the liver and kidneys;

– Allergy to the drug;

– Pressure;

– Arrhythmia.

Do not take if you are driving a car to avoid the side effects of the drug. Try not to drink strong alcohol and fatty foods, it can reduce the effect of the drug. At the use of this medication is not recommended to drink grapefruit juice as its interaction with medication Super Fildena can cause health problems.

Side effects that may occur:

– Headache, dizziness;

– Blurred vision;

– Runny nose;

– Nausea;

– Painful erection.

Just Super Fildena Super may not be compatible with other drugs, so the question you should consult with your doctor. Do not use the drug for other purposes. He can not protect you from diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact.



Indian Brand Name: Super Fildena
US Brand Name: Viagra Super Force
Generic Name: Sildenafil and Dapoxetine Tablets
Color: Green
Marketed by: Fortune Healthcare
Dosage Form: 160mg tablets
Packaging: 4’s

Price:    $2.50

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