How can I make an order?

To place an order add the required items in the cart, then click “Checkout”. Next, select the type of delivery and payment type. Select below to order the registration, without registration or if you already have an account.
If you place an order for the first time for you to be more form below! Carefully and fill up all the fields with the information for the delivery! Stay connected without an order confirmation by phone your order will not be sent to you. Indicate in a note to request time to call, if necessary.
If you are a regular customer, then please enter your details for ordering. Also, do not forget that the orders of regular customers are not supported by call, so if you have any special requests, specify them in the comments, please.
Why are your pills cheaper than the pharmacy?

In our online shop are the so-called generic drugs known (replicas).
Called generic drugs, which produces firm, do not spend money on their development and testing. That is, companies need to invest only in production – and preparation is ready.
As a rule, thereby manage to save a few billion dollars, and so generics are much cheaper than the original. To establish the production of such drugs is permitted only after the expiry of the patent on the original drug.
What to do if your pills are not working?

All sold in our online pharmacy generic drugs are manufactured at leading pharmaceutical factories in India, are subject to strict quality control and meet the highest safety standards and are completely identical with the original drug. If you are not satisfied with the quality of drugs purchased from us, we will refund your money or make the change as soon as you receive from the unspent balance of the drug.
Where available drugs that you sell?

All products are manufactured in India, which supplies generic world.
Do you guarantee the quality of your products?

Yes, definitely! Our products match the originals by 100%! Be careful! – Some scammers posing as representatives of our shop. Your order must be packaged in an opaque envelope and the envelope is enclosed instructions. Do not let yourself fool!
Do you have discounts for buyers?

Yes, we have a system of accumulative discounts for regular customers. It works as follows:
1 paid orders – the buyer 3 percent discount.
3 paid orders – the buyer discount of 5 per cent.
5 paid orders – the buyer discount of 10 percent.
10 paid orders – the discount of 15 percent of the buyer.
Please note that only takes into account the status of orders PAID!
Cumulative discounts can be summed with other discounts, the second discount is given on the amount after subtracting the cumulative discount!
To receive the discount, simply by placing your order, please give us your email and password.
The name of your company?

Ltd. “Farmshop Online”
Why Online Unknown phone?

The fact is that we get a lot of orders every day, so you can only respond to e-mails. We have fully automated work orders, which is another reason for our low prices for their products.
I do not understand the preparations. What would suit me best?

Especially for those who are undecided, we offer two types of test kit that would be determined predpochteniyami.Vse drugs have the same effect, and the principle of action. The only difference is the active substance and duration.
Active ingredient of Viagra is sildenafil.
Active ingredient of Levitra is vardenafil.
Active ingredient of Cialis is tadalafil.
Conventional drugs are taken orally, software versions drugs dissolve under the tongue for 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Drugs dilate blood vessels of the penis during sexual arousal. As a result of increased blood flow to the penis, which contributes to the offensive of a normal erection.
I need to know more about your medications?

Preparations promote offensive erection ONLY if there is sexual stimulation!
Do not take more than one pill a day!
What is a promo code and where do I get it?

Promo code – a secret combination of numbers and / or letters, with which you can get an additional discount in our online store. Get a promo code, you can contact our representatives.