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If you decide to buy Fildena CT 100, you can count on excellent erection lasting sexual act, bright passionate feelings during intimate caresses, long and deep orgasm. Sensations and orgasms are more powerful because of the fact that, through the influence of drugs, genital sensitivity increases sharply. Its efficacy extends to erectile dysfunction caused by any reason, even the most capricious and difficult to correct – psychological. The duration of action of the drug – 3-4 hours. In comparison with other means of the same action, this is the least time. But you will agree that it is sufficient to completely partners could enjoy each other and get the maximum pleasure.
Indeed, the active ingredient of Fildena and its generics – Sildenafil. Fildena Soft in the amount of 100 mg. This is the maximum daily dose, which may not be exceeded. It will provide an excellent result.

To know what results to expect from the use of the funds needed to represent, at least in general terms, its mechanism of action of the active substance. Sildenafil regulates the production of the two substances in the body, which depends on the quality and duration of erection. Thus, the production of nitric oxide starts during sexual arousal. This material expands the erectile tissues of the penis, increases the blood flow in them, provides a good filling with blood vessels in the penis. That is, thanks to him, and held an erection occurs. Sildenafil increases and accelerates the production of nitric oxide, thereby making a stronger erection and stable.

Another substance – PDE5 enzyme. It is produced in the end of sexual intercourse. His action – narrowing the corpus cavernosum of the penis. During their narrowing the blood is squeezed out of them and the erection disappears. Penis returns to its flaccid state. Sildenafil inhibits the production of PDE-5, and the frictions increases. Sexual intercourse becomes longer. The overall result of the action of sildenafil is to ensure that the quality and duration of erection significantly increased. A man with erectile dysfunction becomes able to carry out normal sexual intercourse, fully obtain satisfaction and satisfy your partner. Before you buy Fildena Soft 100 mg, the buyer should be clear that the effect of sildenafil appears only against the background of sexual arousal, but not by itself. So after taking the medication you should not sit and wait for the effect. It will be shown after the usual intimate caresses.
Benefits forms Soft

Now let’s talk, what are the advantages it forms software. Soft – this pills for resorption. Their main advantage in the short interval between the reception and the beginning of the action. Unlike pills, the effect of which appears after almost an hour, dragees begin their work in the blood after 10-15 minutes. Along the length of the interval comparable to Fildena pills gel. The active substance and one or the other form is rapidly absorbed into the blood directly in the oral cavity.

Also buy Fildena Soft optimally and if you can not stand the treatment pill. Resorption or chewing pills did not resemble the treatment. Also – and this is another advantage to form resorption – pills taste good. Their reception will take extra pleasure.

Form for sucking and chewing are not just generic Fildena, but analogues other similar means. Our online store products to enhance their potency offers a wide range of products.
How can you buy Fildena CT 100mg

First of all, determine the price. Original drug roads. Its inventors have spent a lot of money to develop a formula ready means testing in clinical and in vitro, advertising brand. Recoup these costs should the price. Included in the price and profit, which is calculated developers. Manufacturers of generic drugs are finished formula, finished the production technology and the popularity of the brand. The cost of production of generic drugs in times lower than the originals. That’s why the price is 3-4 times less.

Fildena Soft, which can be bought much cheaper than the original drugs, has an advantage over the original and in the convenience of your purchase. To order Fildena CT 100 online pharmacy no prescription needed. This means that it is not necessary to go to the doctor and spend time on it. Online shopping is convenient and because it does not have a long time to break away from their cases to place an order on the website. Take a few minutes to study the information and complete the order form or call.

Delivery in Moscow by courier or the buyer can pick up your purchase at our warehouse. Payment – in the hands of a courier or upon receipt of stock. Delivery in Russia – Russian Post with COD or prepaid or prepaid transportation companies. Delivery in the Middle abroad made transport companies prepaid. For more information, get to know in the “Shipping and payment”.
What you should know before taking

If you are attentive to their health and well being, before taking Delgra 100 mg Chewable you should consult with your doctor. Only he can analyze the state of your health and to evaluate the possibility of using your funds with sildenafil, find the right dosage and advise you on the rules of admission. It is equally important to study in detail the instructions for receiving medications with sildenafil. Here we mention the most basic points to consider are not using any medicine.

First of all, we must remember that, like any drug, Delgra 100 mg Chewable has contraindications. In the presence of some of them to take means is strictly prohibited. It is primarily concerned with the treatment agents containing nitrogen oxide, nitrates, several antiviral drugs, other drugs to enhance the potency and some others. Absolute contraindication is the patient’s age and under 18 years of age. For relative include a list of some diseases. When they Delgra 100 mg Chewable can be used for individual selection of dosage.

Taking medicines, particularly in violation of the rules of admission or overdose can cause side effects. Although it is rare, but know their signs, nevertheless, necessary. These are: headache, back pain, facial flushing, nasal congestion, indigestion and color vision, and dizziness. If they do not go more than 3 hours, you have a reason to seek medical attention.

Before use, to receive information about the dosage. 100 mg – the maximum dose that can be taken per day (one drug is taken once a day). Many men it may be too high. Therefore, should start taking a more shallow dose. Reduce the amount of active substance to the reception and the need for people who have a history of kidney, heart, liver, and some others. Divide the jelly beans into pieces, analyze their condition and evaluate the effect achieved.

You probably question you probably try to find reviews about Fildena soft, with a single purpose, to understand what is the difference from the usual Fildena?

I think we should respond. The main difference between Fildena Soft 100 is to speed the drug. Fildena is more concentrated dose of the substance, is effective because much faster.

In addition, drug developers have tried to accommodate the wishes of men, and changed the way the drug. Fildena CT-100 pills means dissolve under the tongue that allows you to take alcohol and fatty foods before receiving or while receiving the drug …

However, please remember that the use of conventional tablets of Fildena with alcohol is not recommended.



Indian Brand Name: Fildena CT 100
US Brand Name: Viagra Soft
Generic Name: Sildenafil Citrate Chewable Tablets
Color: White
Marketed by: Fortune Healthcare
Dosage Form: 100mg tablets
Packaging: 10 X 10T

Price:    $1.00

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