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Fildena 25 mg gives effect after 50-60 minutes after administration of tablets inside. Erection becomes harder genitals – more sensitive sensation during intercourse acquire greater brightness and intensity of orgasm lasts longer. Of course, a small dose is less effective than most, but for many men it is enough to fully enjoy sex and to give pleasure to your partner. Effect of the drug lasts 3-4 hours. Breaks between acts is significantly reduced. Organism under the influence of funds recovered faster. For full enjoyment of this time is enough. If you are going to have sex all night, or you will be a long romantic weekend with your beloved, you can buy drugs for male potency with active substances over long periods. Get to know them on the home page.

Erectile dysfunction in men. More recently, it sounded almost like a death sentence to life in denial of the joys of intimate life. This was sentenced to nearly a third of men worldwide. But in 1998 it was deliverance. Invented the first unique product to enhance male potency Fildena. It was released in several dosages suitable for use in different situations:

Beginners medication and those who just want to protect themselves from failures in sex, for older men, for those who suffer from some serious diseases should buy medicine Fildena 25 mg;
for practically healthy men with erectile dysfunction optimal dosage of Fildena 50 mg;
for severe cases of erectile dysfunction is Fildena 100 mg.

We talk about the minimum dose of the drug – 25 mg.
Original Fildena 25mg, what is the how the conditions of purchase

In the early stages of creating a new tool for developers standing goal – to get a cure for heart disease. Only during the tests it was discovered a unique property of the active substance – erection improved. This discovery was a true revolution that gave millions of men get rid of the restrictions in their sexual lives or complete rejection of it.
What is the drug

Medicine, referred to in this article, contains 25 mg of the active ingredient Sildenafil. As we have said, this is the minimum dose of the issue. It is used as a starting when there is no idea of how the active substance will act on the body of the patient. In addition, it is prescribed for older people and those who suffer from some serious illnesses. The effect of Fildena 25 mg expressed somewhat weaker. Accordingly, the load on the body downward. Order Fildena 25 mg for the prevention and possible erectile dysfunction if it is supposed too exciting situation during sex and the likelihood of a fiasco too high. Use 25 mg sildenafil can and to diversify sex life, for new experiences of intimacy.

It should be noted that taking alcoholic beverages together with sildenafil is contraindicated. Their interaction can lead to dangerous consequences for human health. Avoid using the medicine on a full stomach. Adopted food hamper onset of action and reduce its effectiveness. Care should be taken to the reception frequency. It should be no more than once per day. Fildena 25 mg can be bought in if you are willing to comply with all the rules for its reception, which we have already told, and still describe below. Then the drug does not bring any trouble. He was well absorbed and tolerated by the body.
How does Sildenafil

Sildenafil, which is the main active ingredient in Fildena, operates two processes that accompany natural sexual intercourse. It accelerates and increases the production of nitric oxide and inhibits the production of the enzyme phosphodiesterase of the fifth type. The first substance relaxes blood vessels and increases the blood flow in them. As a result, there is a firm erection. The second agent, on the contrary, constricts blood vessels of the penis. Their tapered wall push blood out of the penis and an erection collapses. That is Sildenafil makes erection not only better, but also longer.
How can you buy Fildena 25 mg. issue price

Questions purchase price and bear the considerable difficulties. Buying agent takes much time, effort and nerves. And the price is so high that affect the purse of Russians to the average income of just devastating. But first things first.

purchase terms
Sold the drug in the city pharmacies. To buy Fildena 25mg, you must first take care of getting a prescription. That is a solid amount of time take a visit to the doctor. Then the time it will take to find a pharmacy where the facility is available, and the trip there. Have a lot of worried during explanations pharmacist for all who at this time is in the hall of the pharmacy. This kind of scenario is to go through each purchase during the next batch of the drug.

Fildena 25 mg price
The price of the original means great. And here’s why. The company, which has developed a unique new medicine has invested huge capital in the process. She paid for the development of the formula, the production technology of the drug, his studies in scientific laboratories and testing not only in the laboratory but also in clinics for volunteers, an advertising company. When it comes to sales, the company expects that the price will pay its expenses and will bring considerable profit. But even in this situation for those who need such drugs, but are unable to pay its regular intake, there is an excellent solution. This output – buy generic Fildena 25 mg.
Why buy generic Fildena Delgra-25 easier and cheaper

Generic – it is an exact copy of the original vehicle, its counterpart. The original drug and its generic, like twins, produced by the same formula in their composition the same active ingredient Sildenafil. And, consequently, they have the same properties, and their effectiveness is equivalent. In this case we are talking about Delgra-25 Sildenafil Citrate Tablets from Delta Enterprises – a company with a high reputation in the global pharmaceutical market.

Buy generic Fildena 25mg Delgra-25 can be under very different conditions. Recipe for such a purchase is not required. And you can buy it online. And, then, can be excluded from the temporary spending time visiting the doctor and pharmacy. When ordering online, no one would violate the confidentiality of the full process. If you do not want, no one looks in the monitor of your computer. A delivery we organized so that you can fully rely on confidentiality. Moscow residents take precautionary order courier or they take it themselves. In the heartland of Russia, we will forward a densely packed parcel in the mail or deliver transport company. In neighboring countries bought the drug will bring transport companies.

You can pay for your order online, too, using a bank card, electronic purse or terminal QIWI. Agree that this is a huge saving of time, energy and emotions!

Why analogue cheaper? And does not this mean that the quality is worse? No. Quality and safety of the drug depends on the formula and the reliability of its products. The formula has proven effective in the original vehicle. And the reputation of Delta Enterprises we have already spoken. Then what’s the deal? It’s simple. The company, which produces an analog does not incur any costs, except for the production of finished chemical formula for developed and proven technology, but still enjoys popular advertised brand that brings considerable income. The difference in the cost of the original and generic enormous. Because large difference in price.
On the right medication

Here we do not give detailed information about the rules of admission Delgra-25. We just like to draw your attention to the most important points that can not be brushed aside without risk to amass serious trouble with his health. Therefore, we strongly recommend that before using the drug to study the detailed instructions on receiving medications with sildenafil and consult a doctor.

What should I pay special attention to the study of Instructions:

on the list of possible side effects. Key: dizziness, fluctuations in blood pressure, headache, facial flushing, muscle pain and back pain, vision changes, digestive disorders, and others. The main thing to remember is that they are usually completely and independently tested. But if this does not happen after 2-3 hours, you should certainly consult a doctor;
contraindications to receive. Ignoring contraindications may lead to very negative consequences. Here are the basic conditions under which the drug is forbidden: the reception of medicines, which is incompatible Sildenafil (the list you will find in the manual), some serious diseases (the list in the instructions), alcohol intake, age, 18 years;
on the frequency of administration Delgra-25. It can not take more than 1 time per day.

When used properly, medications, fear of trouble is not necessary. It will bring you only joy! Call us or send a feedback form if you have any questions, or the decision to purchase a means already matured.



Indian Brand Name: Fildena 25
US Brand Name: Viagra
Generic Name: Sildenafil Citrate
Color: Violet
Marketed by: Fortune Healthcare
Dosage Form: 25mg tablets
Packaging: 10 X 10T

Price:    $0.69

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